Had a nice weekend =]

Hey there,
I had a great weekend =]
First of all a nice order got deliverd from bax-shop.nl =]
Really Nice Stuff!! =]
On the bottom of the message there will be pictures =]
Second, yesterday i was invited to come spin some records in De Beuk Barendrecht. ( www.beukonline.nl )
I had a fun night =]
Recorded the set, it’s nothing special =]
30 Minutes of Dnb followed by 30 Minutes of Hard Tekk.
Third and last….
Uploaded another 35 Minutes of jamming the hardware.
Hoop u enjoy =]]

Greetings The Commandor =]]

The Commandor – De Beuk => DnB/Tekno Set

The Commandor – 35 Minutes of hardware jamming. =]

19 Inch Rack =]

19 Inch Rack With The New Patch Panel/Second Hand EQ/Second Hand Compressor

Reverb Pedal For My Xoxbox =]]

Overview FX And KRK’s

Overview Full Set =]]

News Update

Hey there here a news update.

I bought some new stuff for my studio so shortly when the mail man delivers i will rewire and put some pictures online!
Including new reverb pedal and patch bay =]]

This saturday i will preform in De Beuk Barendrecht will be awesome =]
Check it out!

I have put online a new live set =]

The Commandor – 45 Minutes of Beat Bashing

And new song im working on =]

The Commandor – That Vibe!

See you all on the next update!!

Keep on smiling! =] 23